Andrew Smith is  a multi-disciplinary illustrator and artist living in Dundee, Scotland.

Andrews distinct style covers a range of platforms including Art, Science and Visual Thinking, geometric construction and visualisation, detailed illustrations, portrait work and brief led industry design.

Andrews work is inspired by science, phenomenology, psychology, nature, the universe, interconnectedness, philosophy, metaphysics and sketching his favourite movie characters.

Andrews Undergraduate dissertation titled "An investigation into the interconnected nature of aesthetics, sensory perception and sensory phenomena" researches  the links between aesthetics, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and other sensory phenomena, suggesting that a better understanding of phenomena in a holistic manner may provide therapeutic support to those living with sensory processing difficulties. Andrews interview and publication of his dissertation can be found by using the link below:


Please contact for further information:

Email: shifted_perspective@hotmail.com

Instagram: @shifted_perspective